Paths Naturalistic




Itinerary type: Walk

difficulties: Simple

Travel time

  • 30 minutes to the chapel of Saint Sophia
  • 45 minutes to San Leonardo

 Distance: 6.7 km

Starting Fee: 1516 m

Maximum Quota: 1620 M

Uphill elevation: 229 m


Take via de Reges, the street that rises behind the wing of the covered market and continue along the ancient system of fortified walls. Once you reach the old belfry of the hours, you can enjoy a great view of the village and the nearby cities, including the Saluzzo background, the capital of the Marquisate.

Following the ancient mule-track made of stones that rises towards the hill you will reach a crossroads. On the right you will reach the ruins of the defensive castle, considered at the time impregnable bulwark and destroyed by the French in 1642, and the Church of San Biagio, patron saint of the country.

On the left continue along the well signposted path until you reach the white Chapel of St. Sophia, where you will find a picnic area and a fountain. Walking still leads to the bell tower of San Leonardo. Leaving behind the bell tower descend a small path on the left and arrive at the church to which, made singular, the bell tower belongs. San Leonardo is a characteristic church whose base wall leans on the rock, exploiting the natural conformation of the terrain offered by the hill.