Collegiate Church



The collegiate Church of the Blessed Virgin Assunta is the parish of Revello, so we invite you not to visit it during the holy masses, that is Saturday at 18.00 and Sunday at 10.30.

The collegiate church can be visited freely or by participating in guided tours organized by the Tourist office on Saturdays and Sundays.

Entering the church, right before the first side altar, you will find a bushing where, entering a small offer, you can turn on the lights, so as to make your visit better.

Collegiate Church: History, Art and architecture

The collegiate Church of the Blessed Virgin Assunta, now Revello, was built from the XV century on a papal bull issued by Pope Sixtus IV in 1483. The collegiate term indicates the presence of a college of canons and therefore emphasizes the importance of the sacred place as a meeting point of the college itself.  The current aspect is largely due to the transformations occurred following an earthquake in the 1808, period to which the interior decorations and the marble altar made in the 1850 are traced.

On the façade stands a precious Renaissance portal dated 1534 on the work of Matteo Sanmicheli, made of white marble of Calcinere with a elaborate walnut wooden door decorated with a motif of candelabras, all different from the other.

Inside, the collegiate church hosts in the aisles important and precious altarpieces, of which two attributed to Pascale Odo and one of the 1503 to Hans Clemer, nicknamed the Master of Elva and considered the one who introduced the Renaissance in this territory thus revolutionizing the pictorial wayo.